The 'Drake CH II' Cabinet Pull

Oliver Knights are excited to present the 'Drake CH II' Cabinet Pull.

The 'Drake' design is unique and offers a stunning half and half look combining a simple elegant design with an eye catching texture on one side of the handle. The Drake texture is at its best in an Antique Finish as it highlights every detail of the handle and creates a stunning contrast around the small dimples. Polished Nickel is also very popular as the reflective nature of the finish creates eye catching reflection when the light interacts with the texture.

The 'Drake CH II' is part of a stunning family which includes Lever Handle, Door knob, Cabinet Knob & Pull, Flush Pull, Turn & Release Set and Pull Handle. This allows our client to be able to continue the theme through out their project.



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Oliver Knights Collection is manufacured from solid brass and hand finished here in the Birmingham, UK.