Frequently Asked Questions

Can you offer bespoke of custom door hardware?

Absolutely! We are proud to say we are one of the only architectural door hardware manufacturers that produce all of our hardware including; Levers, Door knobs, Pull handles, Cabinet handles and sliding door furniture to name a few in our own manufacturing workshop in the Birmingham, England.

What is your hardware made from?

All of our architectural door hardware is made from the highest-grade solid Brass sourced from local stockists. The solid billets are then machined to the beautiful hardware using a combination of old school and the latest in CNC milling and turning equipment providing a flawless finish with aerospace precision.

Can I request a sample?

Certainly! We can provide a sample for any of our standard products across all of our selections including the door knobs, lever handles, pull handles, cabinet handles, sliding door hardware and our miscellaneous pieces. To request a sample please contact your Oliver Knights partner.

What type or properties/projects is your hardware suitable for?

Our hardware is suitable for a wide range of properties and projects catering to some of the most exclusive properties and hospitality projects around whilst also being a perfect fit for most high-end commercial and public sector establishments.

Is your hardware suitable for Aviation and or Yachts / Boats?

Yes. We have worked on serval private Yachts ranging from 25 metre to 150 metre with some of the world’s most exclusive interior designers. We have also worked with Interior Designers to fit out privately owned jets giving them the most exclusive touches.

Does salt and seawater affect the finish of your hardware?

Salt and seawater will cause the ageing process to speed up more than a natural environment causing the hardware to change colour and possibly deteriorate the sheen of the product. Should you wish to avoid this we can offer suitable finishes for marine environments including lacquer finishes which are salt spray tested and approved to help preserve the finish for longer.

How do I clean my Oliver Knights hardware?

Depending on the finish we recommend different treatments. In every order, we provide a care of finishes card with instructions on how to look after and preserve or maintain the finish the best way possible. For our living finishes such as; Polished Brass, Brushed Brass, Black Bronze, Antique Brass, Polished Copper, Brushed Copper and Industrial Copper. These are designed to age over time to give each handle, knob or pull a unique look. For our remaining finishes, such as chrome and nickel, they are more resistant to the ageing process and will just require a wipe down with a microfibre cloth and warm soapy water.

Can you offer bespoke or precious metal finishes such as Rose Gold that are outside the standard finishes?

Yes, we can offer almost every finish including precious metal finishes such as Rose Gold, Gold and Silver to name a few. We also have the ability to match the finish of our product to whatever you require. All we would need is a small sample section of the finish specified and we will do the rest!

Do you have a brochure?

Yes, you can find our brochure linked here in a pdf downloadable format. Should you like a hard copy please get in touch by calling our office on 01922 455 323 or email us at

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we have a display at each of our distributor’s showrooms. Please check our distributor page to find your nearest showroom.